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Carol Ivan

On-Site Technical Support

Trouble with your PC or MAC? We can help. Is your hardware working but the system is just too slow or snarled? Does it operate differently than you want?

We specialize in “soft” computer problems — the ones where you can’t decide who to call. Is it Microsoft or the network causing the problem? Is the trouble a virus or damage to the operating system?

Why struggle? We have been sorting these problems out for years and we can help.
There is no need to unplug and lug. Home or office, we will come to your greater Seattle area location.
Carol Ivan
Phone: 206-228-7775

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner for
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014

Service List

These are some of the more common services our clients request:

Research new PC purchase

Eliminate virus, spyware, pop-ups

New PC or Mac Eliminate Bugs

No need to navigate the endless options and system configurations out there. Talk to us and we’ll figure out what system will fit your budget and expectations. We will not build you a no-name, no-value system from parts. We recommend only name brand, fully supported systems.

You know you need protection from spammers, spyware, and viruses. But do you have the right protection? Does seem as if the protection software is more trouble than it is worth? We can help. We’ll cleanup infected systems, and put the right mix of protection software on your PC.

Install home or small business network

Install peripherals

Networks Hardware Installls
  • Implement wireless network security
  • Add email addresses
  • Setup router, DSL, cable modems, Outlook Express

Sure, a lot of devices are plug and play and install as easily as plugging them in. But what do you do when the system doesn’t detect the device? What about older printers? Off brand MP3 Players? Got a new digital camera? We can get you the latest drivers, setup custom defaults, and show you how to use your add-on device.

Tutor Computer Operation

Perform software upgrades

Teach Usage Application Maintenance

 Do you learn faster than average or slower? If so, traditional classes don’t work well for you. We offer tutoring one-on-one in MS Office Products, digital camera use, internet usage, basics of handling your PC or MAC.  Or, if you have friends who are looking for similar answers, get a small group together and split the group rates.

  • Install new applications
  • Upgrade virus programs, etc.
  • Migrate data and programs off an older PC


Carol Ivan
Phone: 206-228-7775

Red Panda Computers is a Seattle based, woman owned and operated business. Carol started working on microprocessor systems in 1975. Over the years, she has specialized in network support in a number of computing positions in large companies. This has given her an opportunity to work with a wide variety of systems—mainframes to terminals to PCs and everything in between — and across many generations of operating systems. 

Carol's support philosophy minimizes the invasiveness of computer support. We don’t start by erasing your old data or by recommending new systems, more memory, or other costly changes. We listen to your issues and tailor a solution, setting your computer to work the way you want.